Nothing is Forever

South London Gallery


Still my favourite exhibition space, the South London Gallery celebrates its
expansion with a series of wall murals by internationally renowned artists. The
pieces are diverse and engaging, ranging between the political vibrancy of
Sam Dargan and the sheer playfulness of Lily van der Stokker. 
Robert Barry’s conceptual  Telepathic Pieces lists five contemplative
statements which address both the solidarity sensed by exhibition goers and the 
redundancy of large artistic statements in communicating with the viewer:

A secret desire transmitted telepathically
A volitional state of mind transmitted telepathically
A particular feeling transmitted telepathically
A particular emotion transmitted telepathically
A great concern transmitted telepathically

The changeful architecture unifies the theme of transition and impermanence: at the end
of the show these works will simply be painted over.

Black Hawk Down, Fiona Banner

Sam Dargan, A Brief and Idealistic Account of the Paris Commune

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